List of solutions designed and developed for private, corporate and startup clients

Scalapay is the first unicorn company I collaborated with and had the pleasure to work on several new features launched on stores available to over 1 million users.

Collaborating with the entire team, I developed the main application and released various updates on the Play Store and App Store, including UI enhancements, feature implementations, and integration of some external partner services.

The Tuxi application allows users to book taxi services in Switzerland in a simple and fast way, complementing the Tuxi Driver application that gives drivers the opportunity to accept rides and manage their account in general.

We defined the architecture and developed the software system, as well as launched the Swiss startup's application, in particular the complete implementation of the User and Driver Application, the company's website, and the company's internal management system.

I had the privilege of participating in the development and launch of Akiflow (YC S20), a mobile application for managing tasks, calendars and much more.

I have worked closely with the graphics and development team, to faithfully reproduce their UI and UX within the application, ensuring consistency and intuitiveness.

During the launch, I ensured that the app was ready for the market and satisfy the required quality standards.

Together with my colleagues, we founded a startup in 2014, which then evolved into software services and consulting and a software-house, offering hardware-software products created with the goal of making the company's data collection and processing more efficient.

In this case, too, all the software that allowed the collection and use of the customer's data was implemented, such as Android, iOS and Web applications, as well as the development of integrations between software and hardware always offered by our startup with integrated kiosk services.

I created the software necessary to allow the automatic shooting and printing of personalized photos through specially created hardware and coordinated the creation of the case containing the various hardware components.

This product is available for rent for corporate events and private events.

BitPong is a mobile app, designed to speed up access to data related to the Italian Table Tennis Federation (FITeT). Through this application, players can consult all the information present on the official website but in a simpler and faster way.

Furthermore, the application offers numerous additional features.

Optiqo Sweden AB tasked me with developing a mobile application that allows to monitor the quality of the cleaning of environments, scanning them through the camera of the devices and integrating it with a particular algorithm that detects the cleaning state.

The application is available on the stores via an annual or monthly subscription.

On behalf of a Spanish company, I developed an application with video playback features, particularly of VR (Virtual Reality) type for people with psychological problems. The interface was created entirely by the company and subsequently developed by me.

The app was released on the stores available for download.

I developed the Android version of the Outpump app, the application in the top 10 news apps (2021).

The design and all specifications were provided by the customer.

Circuit Training is a fitness application that allows you to create workout circuits guided by a voice.

This way the workout proceeds completely independently from the device. Just start the workout and your voice will guide you during the workout. The design and all specifications were provided by the customer.

The application is designed in a simple and minimal way so that all the features are intuitive with a modern and pleasant interface.